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Makeover Solutions

Makeover Solutions is an online hair imaging software that lets you try on various hair styles, hair colors, highlights, makeup and accessories.   You purchase a subscription to their online service and do everything online at their site.

You do not need any advanced computer knowledge (I don't know about you but this is a big plus for a lot of people!!), or special systems or equipment.

If you do not have a current picture of yourself, you can still try on hair styles using the models that they provide.

Upload your own photo to try on hairstylesAll you need is the small subscription fee and a lot of time.  Why time--because you can have a lot of fun at Makeover Solutions...trying on this, that, changing back and forth.  Time will fly!

Makeover Solutions offers a 3 month subscription for only $14.95  This is very affordable considering how useful the software really is.

Not quite sure about it?  Check out our online demonstration featuring Hair Resource's model Susan.  We uploaded her photo into her account and see what happens.

CLICK HERE to see how you can upload your photo into your account.