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Hello everyone!  My name is Susan and I welcome you to my demonstration of the online program Hair Style Editor.  I found this site after searching online for new hair styles.  I have let my hair grow out for quite awhile now and it is half way down my back now.  I color my hair once a month and occasionally add highlights. 

My hair is very thick, straight, one length with no special angles, layers, bangs or anything.  I am just tired of the drab look and want to see if there is a hair style that would look good on me and maybe jazz up my look just a little.  Since I color my hair every month, I think my hair is beginning to appear a little frizzy and dried lately.  I try to apply all sorts of hair care products to keep the frizz down, but this might be something I need to consider when I pick a new hair style.

Some mornings I do not have a lot of time to spend on fixing my hair.  I am pretty close to a brush and go type of person.  If I have a special engagement or appointment I will take the time to style my hair and make it look presentable.  But I do need a style that will look presentable without doing much.

Typically I wash my hair every other day.  There are occasions when I might alter the washing routine.  For example if I go swimming or sweat excessively during workouts, etc. 

So, off we go to the Hair Style Editor, also known as Hair Styles Cuts and Dos, for some hair style help.  I purchased the annual program for $9.99 and proceeded to log in to my user account. 

Below, is the first page that greets me once I have logged in.   I already have a good feeling when I see the number of hair style photos in the various galleries, long hair, medium hair, short hair, updos and very short hair.   There are almost 4,000 hair styles photos to look at.  If I can't find something I like in here, then I better just give up. Boy is this much faster, and not to mention cheaper than buying a bunch of magazines to find hair styles.

The Hair Style Editor is no longer available.