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Thinking about getting a long hair style, but don't want to wait for your hair to grow out?

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The Hair Styler

After signing up for your subscription to The Hair Styler (current promotion is 3 month membership for just $14.95--well worth the price of admission)  you will be able to log in to your account and get started.


Sit back, relax and get ready to have some fun.  There are lots of hair styles to try on, so allow for some time to look at all the ones that you like.  When you find a style that you like, just add it to your favorites or Email it so someone--maybe your hair stylist.  Maybe we will be able to have pre-hair cut consultations via Email with our hair stylists.










Choose a Model:

To get started with trying on hair styles, you need to follow a few short steps.  The first and second steps are to choose a model and your face shape.  If you do not have a photograph available to upload, you can just try on hair styles on one of the models.

 How to figure out face shape for the best hairstylesChoose your face shape:

There are descriptions of the various face shapes available with pictures.  If you are having trouble figuring out which face shape you have, follow these simple steps.

1. Pull all your hair back off your face.

2.  Look at a mirror

3. Trace the outline of your face in the mirror with something that will be removable (i.e. a bar of soap)

4.  Compare the shape you drew on your mirror to the shapes listed here.  Select the closest one.

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