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The Hair Styler

I was able to find several different medium hair styles that I liked.  After you find a style that you like, you can experiment further with color changes.  There is a wide assortment of colors for your hair that you can try. 




Medium hair styles, long layers, side swept bangs


Try on Medium Hair Styles









This is one of the medium hair styles that I really like.  It features side swept bangs with a little bit of layering in the crown area.  The ends appear to be cut straight across or maybe there is some long layers.

Although the crown area will require a little bit of extra work, and probably some extra styling products, the overall time factor for creating this style rates low.



Styling instructions for hair stylesIf you look in the bottom left-hand corner of each style you try on, you will find great info on the type of hair the style is suited for and styling instructions.


These tips will certainly come in handy when you try to style your hair by yourself.

There is nothing worse than getting your hair done at a salon and coming out looking fabulous, only to discover after the first time you shampoo that there is no possible way you can get your hair to look the same way when it was first cut.


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