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Very short hair styles, demo for hairstyles softwareThe Hair Style Editor

Very Short Hair Styles So, with excited anticipation I begin doing some hair style browsing.  I decide to start in the very short hair style gallery and work my way to longer hair styles.  I just love the way super short hair styles look on certain celebrities, such as Halle Berry, Keira Knightley.  The extreme confidence that these women have. 


Below is a snapshot of a page in the super short hair style gallery.  As you can see there are many pages to look through, all loaded with very cool short hair styles.

Very short hair styles demo page

Snapshot of Very Short Hair Style Gallery  

I found a very short hair style that I really like in this gallery.  See below.  I just love the way all the layers flow together and lay so neatly against the head.  Although I can only imagine that this hair style would require much more than the brush and go approach that I have.  I printed a copy of the hair style and also added the photo to My Favorites by putting a check in the little box next to the picture.  Later I can go back and view My Favorites to review the photos I like best. 

Short hair styles are not very prevalent among celebrities today. It seems like the longer hair styles are more popular. I know that I love the look of some of these short hair styles, but I am so accustomed to having long hair that I may not like wearing shorter hair.

very short hair styles, demo, gallery

Snapshot of Very Short Hair Style I Like

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