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Long Hair Style Demonstration

Now I'm off to the Long Hair Styles Gallery.  I am leaning towards a longer hair style.  As women get older they tend to go shorter with their hair styles.



I'm not sure why this is.  Maybe it's because the texture of the hair changes and the longer hair styles take a lot longer to style and keep looking good.  Anyways, I think I want to wear my hair as long as possible for as long as possible if you know what I mean. 

Below, see a snapshot of a page in the long hair styles gallery.   Once again, I'm impressed with many hair style photos to choose from.

Long hair styles gallery

Snapshot of Long Hair Styles Gallery 

After browsing through many pages-I can't seem to get out of the long hair styles gallery!!!---I find a long hair style that is really cute.  See below. I love the long layers, framing the face, the height on the crown and the unique use of highlights and lowlights.  I think I would be more comfortable with the longer layers since I can usually put some sort of hair product in my hair to keep it a little tame when I don't have time to style/flat iron or curl it. 














Snapshot of Long Hair Style I Like 

Definitely need to add this one to my favorites and print a copy. 

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