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There is one hair style gallery left to look at, the Updo Hair Styles.  Prom is coming up, just around the corner actually, so I better start looking for a good hair style.   Below is a snapshot from the Updo Hair Styles Gallery. 

Updo Hair Styles gallery snapshot

 Snapshot of the Updo Hair Styles Gallery 

With so many different styles available, it is really hard to pick just one style.  Maybe I could have a beginning hair style, when my date picks me up, a dancing hair style, when we are on the dance floor, and an after prom party hair style, when we leave the prom.  Of course my hair stylist would need to come with me.  Hmmm.  It may be too complicated. 

Wait, I just found a style that I really like.  See below. I just love the, you guessed it, bangs that are side swept.  I think I will definitely be getting bangs cut!!!  I love the way that some of the hair is down in the front, sort of framing the face.  I really don't like some of these updo hair styles that look like they are glued to your head; at least they don't look good on me. 


Updo Hair styles, side swept bangs, romantic look



Snapshot of an Updo Hair Style I Like

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