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Medium Hair Styles Demonstration

Medium hair styles gallery snapshot

Snapshot of Medium Hair Styles Gallery

Next, we move on to the Medium Hair Style Gallery.  I am greeted with another nice gallery packed full of different medium hair styles.  See below for a snapshot of one of the medium hair style pages. 


As I browse through the medium hair style gallery I am finding more and more unique angles and cuts and bangs.  Bangs are in style---I'm not quite sure they ever went out of style. 

I quickly find a medium hair style that I really like, see below.  I add it to my favorites and print a copy.  I love the long face framing layers around the face, the side swept bangs and again the use of lowlights and highlights to accentuate different areas of the face.  I'm loving this one.

Cute medium hair styles, layers, side swept bangs





Snapshot of Medium Hair Style I Like

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