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When you have finally decided that you want to change your hair style, it is important that you give your hair stylist as much information about what you want to change or do to your hair style. 

Great ideas include bringing in a photo of several different hair styles that you like and knowing exactly what you like about the styles. For example, if you like the bangs from a certain celebrity hair style or the long layers on another celebrity's hair style, then your hair stylist may be able to combine the two-bangs and long layers to give you a look that you like. 

There are two major considerations for making changes to your hair style.  First is your shape-face shape and body shape that is.   Even though you really like a certain hair style, that doesn't mean that it will look good or flatter your features.  A good hair stylist will offer suggestions or alterations to a given hair style to accommodate your face and body shape.  Body shape is important as it contributes to your overall look.  For example, you wouldn't want to have long straight hair down to your waste if you are short, and similarly if you are very tall you would not want a super short hair style. 

Size and proportions are very important in designing your hair style.  When you find a photo of a hair style that you really like, take note of the face shape of the person wearing the style.  Is her or his face shape somewhat similar to your face shape?  For more information on face shapes, see our feature article at  

So, let's get started on our journey to find a new hair style, maybe try a few on.  Our model Susan has offered to take us through her experience with several popular hair imaging software program available online today.  Take it away Susan!

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